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Berwick Flowers

Do you need to send flowers to Berwick? Sarah’s Flowers can deliver them today.

Berwick is only 45km southeast of Melbourne’s city centre but this suburb is a country gem. The population of nearly 45,000 enjoy a semi-rural lifestyle that gives them the best of both worlds: the city’s many shops, bars and restaurants in under an hour, and heaps of open green space and fresh air. It’s no surprise that we’re stoked to be able to provide our Berwick customer's with our beautiful flower deliveries! We are kept busy delivering six days a week for people who want the best quality without paying over-the-top prices that some florists would like you to believe are normal.

Imagine the scenario. It’s 6.30am and your missus is trying on outfit after outfit in a bid to find something that, in her words, doesn’t make her look like the back of a bus. She asks you the question you should always be prepared for “does this make me look fat?” but in your sleep deprived state you make the fatal error of pausing just a fraction too long before replying “of course not! You’d make a matchstick look like a hippo”. Boy, are you in trouble now. She’s stormed off to work in a huff and, though you know it wasn’t really your fault (everyone who knows you knows better than to talk to you before your first cup of coffee), you want to make it up. Ta dah! This is where Sarah’s Flowers steps in with stunning flowers you can use to apologise without the risk of putting your foot in your mouth. Nothing is more eloquent than a bouquet bursting with fabulous fresh flowers and we should know, because we have delivered local flowers for pretty much every occasion you can think of, from apologies to birthdays, celebrations and sympathy. In fact, there’s pretty much no occasion that isn’t made better and more beautiful when you add our fresh flowers.

We aren’t lying when we rave about the freshness of our flowers. We know it’s the key to a spectacular looking bouquet or arrangement. You can send the most expensive flowers in the world but if they’ve been hanging around too long after being harvested and before being used, they’re going to look like rubbish. Flowers need to be cut at the right time of day and kept in the right conditions. We work with the most reputable growers and suppliers who are as local as possible so our flowers are as fresh as the morning dew. We aim to keep the time between when they are cut and when we receive them to no more than 24 hours, and because our turnaround is so fast you can trust that your flowers will arriving looking sublime and will last for days. With boxed arrangements that are perfect for staying fresh when delivered to businesses and hospitals, and a collection that includes the perfect choice for any occasion from Mother’s Day to congratulating parents on the birth of a new baby or showing sympathy when a loved one passes away, you won’t be disappointed when you choose Sarah’s Flowers for your flower delivery to Berwick.

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